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Posted by Zan Lynx on 2005-03-16 15:03:44


This works on people because the best way to survive in the face of a threat is to work together. People who seem to be working against the group are a survival threat and must be suppressed. Armies work this way with hierchial command and no arguments because it is the most effecting way of fighting, even if the leader is wrong once in a while!

Now, leaders may abuse this propery of human society to take advantage of groups of people. But does this mean that every threat is a false threat?

There's also the possibility that a leader sees a threat or a potential threat and is sincere in telling his people about the danger and the need for action. He or she may be wrong about the threat! But that doesn't make them into Hermann Goring.

It's pretty difficult to know if a threat is real or not these days. Back in the day when America was attacked by the Mexican Army it was a pretty clear attack. Now we're attacked in secret and there's no big army to go look for. That makes it impossible to tell if you're really being attacked or if you're just being told you are.


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