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Posted by Bitscape on 2005-03-20 23:21:20


At this point, it's obviously quite moot, but it's possible that some of your DVD's might not have had the Macrovision bit set, in which case a player equipped with that "feature" should send a good signal unaided for those discs. Then again, maybe the ones you wanted to play were indeed crippled, and you already knew that. For other interested observers who may find themselves in a similar predicament in the future, it might not hurt to check the discs you want to play before shelling out money for extra hardware.


Rabbit Ears (2005-03-19 18:39:13)
This place is just a resoivour of useful advise when it comes to dating.
(note the sarcasm in my voice)
- Bitscape, Mass IRC, 24 June 2002