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Posted by Jäger on 2005-03-30 13:30:47


Elssbett Mossadim showed up in two episodes of Andromeda (first and second seasons, while the show was still good). Kiesa thought Elssbett was a suitable strong female charcter, so she picked that name for her computer. Elssbett's husband Charlemagne Bolivar (who shows up in one episode played by James Marsters; when I discovered this last week I had no choice but to consult my old Andromeda archive to see this for myself. (Kiesa and I dubbed a temporary Windows experiment "Charlemagne" long ago.)

Elssbett (the notebook) has had several years to be distressed about her name; so far, she seemed reasonabally happy.


Elssbett (2005-03-28 18:38:15)