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Posted by Jäger on 2005-06-08 10:43:11


You're correct. In fact, flying back from Oklahoma City last week we diverted from the shortest-distance course due to weather and ended up wandering around Colorado Springs on our way to Denver. (We spent the last third of our flight over snow-covered foothills; as we were on our approach into DIA I spotted Pikes Peak off the right side of the plane.)

(In theory, though, airplanes should fly routes that resemble those shown on my maps.)


Flights (2005-05-25 21:12:12)
I swear, it's not my fault if I loose things, even if I do have huge
- Neelix, 0223 CDT 30 April 2000, upon finding something he was looking
for on the bottom of a pile of Humblik's clothes