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Ah, yes...

Posted by cg4l on 2006-11-07 09:41:44


The time in our American lives where we can go out and vote for either the "Repulicrats" or the "Democans". I mean, we have to choose either one or our vote will be wasted on a losing candidate, correct? Whom shall I choose, the party funded by entertainment industry and special interest corporate machines or the party that is funded by the retail and manufacturing American corporate machines (need I mention oil also? Nah.)?


Reminds me of the old Police song that has the lyrics:

"There is no political solution, To our troubled evolution" (not that I subscribe to the theory of evolution, mind you).

I find it very amusing also how the political party that associates itself with the liberal mindset thinks that if they simply get more numbers to the polling booths and therefore cast a vote (at least they are the most boisterous about it), then naturally the outcome will be in their favor. I mean, that's the way most "normal" Americans think, correct?

So I think I'll sit this one out. Not much to put my voice in Washington state that is going to make a difference. I'll wait for '08 myself.


Go vote! (2006-11-06 20:45:23)
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