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Sounds like it was fun

Posted by cg4l on 2006-12-28 14:04:32


I too spent Christmas Day in Longview (well...Kelso, and even more so "Rose Valley" to be exact) at my wife's family gathering (The Rogers family. Kiesa is very familiar with them). It was nice, we stayed there until sometime in the early night and then headed home to Vancouver.

On a side note, I saw your Mother-in-Law during my visit to the Kelso-Longview Community SDA church's "Journey To Bethlehem" (my wife's family, my family, and many friends participate in this yearly Christmas event) this year but did not have a chance to give her my greetings as she looked quite busy.

I am also very glad to see that you were able to fly out of Denver and participate in the Holiday visiting that you were planning without any extreme delays. It is nice to see your had a safe trip as well.


Happy Christmas (2006-12-27 13:35:29)
"minor logic error" .. funny.. that reminded me of how my
mom describes her third child.
- Scott J. Galvin, 14 January 2002