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Posted by cg4l on 2008-04-13 00:30:13


Sounds like a nice notebook. I see that there is no option from Dell to configure that Latitude with a BD/DVD/CD read/write. I am in need of a new notebook soon, but will probably want a BD burner (or even an HD-DVD burner for that matter, if I could find one and the media now), albeit they are still pretty expensive as well as the media. Having a high capacity optical storage would be helpful for me though, I don't know about for your uses. The only Dell I saw with the option for BD is an XPS model. Anyway, good luck with the new notebook.


Introducing Portico (2008-04-12 12:36:06)
  • Blu-ray (cg4l at 2008-04-13 00:30:13)
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