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Posted by Jäger on 2014-06-07 20:26:00


I see someone forgot to check the spec first. At least they didn't use the wrong units. (That might be a problem mostly reserved for us Americans with our rigid adherence to an obsolete unit system, but I did notice that all of the road signs in the UK used miles, not kilometers, which I'm sure the continental Europeans find just as confusing as driving on the left.)


Bunker (2014-06-04 21:31:39)
Having rejected DOS, we're paranoid about anything that isn't
"user-friendly," that requires some adjustment on our part and a
commitment to meet the technology halfway. It's as if Henry Ford rigged
a bridle and set of leather reins to his Model T instead of a steering
wheel and clutch, and to this day we were still driving our cars the way
a 19th century groomsman would handle a horse and buggy.
- Jonathon Keats, "'You Send Me' by Patricia T. O'Conner & Stewart
Kellerman", Salon.com