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Started: 2003-11-13 21:37:00

Submitted: 2003-11-13 21:53:00

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Plenty of people around me have wireless hardware and are enjoying the local coffee shop's Internet connection. We have eight gadget-obsessed geeks just paroled from BLUG and one goth chic along for amusement value. (Hers, not ours.) Now we're talking about hot food, including log scales for Thai hotness, and pepper spray, and all sorts of stuff that won't make any sense without context.

"Yes, this unit of Infantry has a Priest with them. He can pray to his
pagan gods and heal the Infantry. These units over here have
Magicians. They summon these big fireballs..."

And then you'll have to explain the Ceyah.
- Zan Lynx, on explaining Kohan: Ahriman's Gift, 19 August 2003