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Wireless strangeness

Started: 2003-11-17 18:25:00

Submitted: 2003-11-17 18:40:45

Visibility: World-readable

I decided I should spend some Quality Time sitting down with Elssbett to coerce her wireless card to function properly in Linux, or at least gather enough information to file a worthy bug report and request assistance from the linux-wlan mailing list. Once I tweaked Ziyal to get dhcpd to listen on both eth0 and wlan0, I checked all the relevant software versions before plugging in the wireless card. Instead of seeing mysterious failure messages, I saw a bunch of kernel messages that looked good. Ten seconds later I had wlan0 up and running. A quick firewall tweak later and all was good with the universe. I'm now typing yet another changelog using Elssbett's glorious wireless card.

My theory? The only thing that comes to mind is that the Windows driver transparently updated the firmware while I wasn't watching, or maybe tweaked some register settings or something like that. I'm glad it's working, but I wish I had figured this out a little earlier.