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Started: 2003-11-21 19:49:10

Submitted: 2003-11-21 20:14:34

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Next week, being Turkey Week, Gem decided we should go visit her parents. So next Tuesday morning Gem and I head to DIA to fly to Portland, visit Powells City of Books, feast on vegi-turkey on Thursday, and fly back Saturday night. I can pay US$10 for the privilege of using AT&T's wireless Ethernet at DIA; I'll see how bored I get.

I keep thinking that I'm going to come up with some brilliant content to write, but nothing's coming to mind. So I'll call this good enough here.

I've always thought someone could make a killing by selling the
"for dummies" books for $200 a piece using infomercials! :-)
- Yanthor, on Content Solutions chatter, 17 December 2001