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Boulder Compound

Started: 2003-12-01 21:42:26

Submitted: 2003-12-01 22:32:10

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Having successfully returned from the Pacific Northwest on Saturday night, and spent a relaxing vacation-to-recover-from-vacation on Sunday, I returned to iTi this morning for more fun and excitement as an ink jet integrator. I've been promised an Official Job Offer by the end of the week. :) Maybe I won't get to write a book after all.

My parents are off in Mexico for the week, so Gem and I get to hang out at my parents' house making sure Willy gets fed. He's generally perfectly capable of taking care of himself, so there's no compelling reason for us to get in his way. (I remember a less-than-fully-pleasant week my senior year of high school when Mom arranged for us to be looked over.) I moved Ziyal into the dining room and changed jaeger.festing.org to point here, which may cause some access problems until the dns propagates and everyone's browser's persistent http connections time out. We'll be here until Friday, which should give me enough time to coerce Nimitz back into functionality, assuming the replacement motherboard that arrived today is in fact fully functional. (I successfully managed to bring Nimitz's chassis along with me, but I managed to miss the box of parts I intended to bring along as well. That's what tomorrow is for.)

(The nature of the scheduling makes it difficult to stage any wild parties here, which is probably just as well, since Gem cringes whenever someone stages them near Stapleton.)

In unrelated news, iTi has declared the last week of 2003 to be vacation. Having vacation time I don't have to justify to myself (or anyone else) is always nice. Willy is already recruiting me to assist with his video production schemes (he's making a prelude to the screenplay he wrote for last summer; said prelude may be titled "The Gate"); in addition to that, I intend to hack, watch DVDs, play Kohan, hike, finish my green-screening code, and sleep in, in some order. The thought crossed someone's mind that we should have some sort of New Year's fest/celebration; I'm open to suggestions.