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Posted by Jäger on 2003-12-11 15:37:48


I keep expecting Humblik to speak up for himself, but then it dawns on me that he doesn't seem to have a login. So much for my attempts to draw the entire world into yet another venue for pointless discussions.

I'd like to propose two nights of (f|ph)esting for everyone involved on Tuesday and Wednesday nights of the week in question; December 30 and 31. (I might even let some individuals show up for just one night if they feel so inclined.) I'm leaning towards trying to fit everyone in my living room, which I think should work. (The thought also crossed my mind to annex my parents' basement, but that has the disadvantage of being far away from my base of operations (relitavely speaking, although Yanthor and Humblik will point out that a twenty-minute drive is nothing compared to their seven-hour drive) and also being generally chilly.)


Boulder Compound (2003-12-01 22:32:10)