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Started: 2003-12-18 20:27:14

Submitted: 2003-12-18 21:28:43

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My network connection seems to be having minor issues, so I'll type this changelog locally and drop it to Ziyal when I'm done. At the moment, I'm amusing myself sitting at the end of the Great Wall of Geeks at Café Solé, sitting with Elssbett (mostly) enjoying wireless nirvana. (That is, if my ssh connection to Ziyal wouldn't die every once and a while.)

Two guys down just showed off File Lite (or something like that; my searching isn't having much luck), which produces sexy heigherical graphs of the file system. The guy across from me has a sexy Titanium Powerbook. All of the rest of the notebooks here are x86 machines running Linux.

Today at noon was a loosely-defined iTi Christmas party/potluck thing. Gem brought a veggie dish (to combat everyone else's meat-eating habits) and a platter of Christmas candy. As a result, I haven't yet gotten around to eating supper. If I had a bit more cash on hand (should I say "cash in cache"?), I'd investigate the acquisition of some of the locally-available food.

I think I may wander off in the general direction of "home" at some point in the near future. An attempt to field-strip another guys' IBM Thinkpad failed when we ran into a handful of protected torx heads. (My elite pocket knife just has regular torx heads.) Too bad.