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Started: 2003-12-29 20:48:33

Submitted: 2003-12-29 21:33:37

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I spent almost all day today playing Pikmin, an amusing little addictive strategy game in Bitscape's gamecube collection. I managed to get 19 out of 30 ship pieces in 30 days; I may have to give it a try again. (I'll confess; I requested that Bitscape bring his gamecube mostly so I could play that game. :) ) Aside from that, Yanthor, Kiesa, and I wandered past Best Buy (where I managed to avoid buying anything, but Yanthor and Kiesa were unable to resist) and Bitscape dropped by on his way back to the Temple. Yesterday, Yanthor successfully washed his keyboard (once he realized that he hadn't washed it in the seven years he's had it, meaning the accumulated hair and grime under the keys came from everyone Yanthor roomed with during that interval. It was truly scary.

My stated project is to get Titania (Kiesa's old desktop, which she recently surrendered to me for this purpose) up and running as the Temple's gateway, file server, and web server, taking all of those jobs away from Ziyal. I updated her kernel and started using her as my workstation, since everyone else was handy. I plugged in the hard drive I pulled out of my mother's iMac and compiled the appropriate options into my kernel. A few incantations later, I managed to successfully mount the partition. Poking around the drive revealed my mother's address database, which appeared to be in a HyperCard. eek. Staring at the hex dump for a few minutes revealed the basic format. (One of the nice things of decoding a binary file from a Mac is that all of the integers are most likely big-endian.) I'll need a bit more work to get all of the data out, but I'm over-confident about my eliteness.

Humblik showed up a few minutes ago and annexed the card table opposite the living room. Yanthor, Bitscape, and I are sitting on the dining room table in my living room; Yanthor has three computers: his desktop (with a sexy LCD monitor), his work notebook, and Anya's new notebook, which he's trying to get BeOS working on. Kiesa is managing to amuse herself so far, wandering around aimlessly and occasionally deciding to eat, which ends up feeding the rest of us by accident.