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We're Back!

Started: 2004-01-05 22:35:07

Submitted: 2004-01-05 22:40:40

Visibility: World-readable

Loyal readers of my webpage will note that we're back, after thirty-six hours; I've learned (once again) the joys of running unstable Debian on what essentially amounts to a production server. An update upgraded Postgres to 7.4, which required the old database to be dumped and reloaded. I've seen this procedure work automagically before, but yesterday it decided not to. I finally managed to plug in Titania in the corner (running the right version of Postgres), copy the database over, dump it, and reload it on Ziyal. Ugly, but effective

One of these days I'll move my serving to Titania (running Sarge) and use Ziyal just as my workstation. Then I can feel more free to play with my workstation without fear of breaking something.

Today was my first day at iTi as an Official Real Employee. Ironically enough, I ended up building up another web transport, the same thing I started doing at iTi back in May. Only now I'm making a little more. :)

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