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'Tis I

Posted by humblik on 2003-12-11 22:08:34


I've managed to be lurking in the background and at least minorly keeping informed about what is going on. /me's life has been rather busy the last two weeks and the coming weeks.

I have a great many things fluxing about, but here's my latest intel. about my holiday plans. I was able to use my sick leave instead of vacation time while taking my dad to Iowa City this week for his minor surgical procedures. (btw that is where I was Tuesday thru Thursday. Before that I was in Des Moines, Friday thru Sunday.) That means I still have at least four days of vacation time available for use. I'm planning to spend a couple days over Christmas in Souix City, which should leave me with at least three days to do something over New Years, four days total with the holiday included. Since I have achieved fluxability, I will now attempt a defluxation maneuver.

So if I were to travel out December 29, arriving late evening (thereby not missing any (f|ph)esting activities on the next two days), and head back January 1, 2004, would that fit into the general (f|ph)esting plans? Have any of the other fluxing scheduleds been defluxed?


Boulder Compound (2003-12-01 22:32:10)