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My schedule fluxes

Posted by humblik on 2003-12-12 15:06:18


/me is now actually looking at his available hours. I will have 37.1 vacation hours by Dec. 27. I currently have 20.4 comp time hours with enough work that I could easily double that if my boss allowed me.

President Bush gave the Feds the 26th off, which percilates through the govenor so I get it off too. I'll be taking the day before Christmas off, and still have enough hours to take off New Year's week. That being the case, let me know what dates activities are planned for and I will adjust my time taking off accordingly.

Bad weather is not a problem, especially if I plan to take off most or all of that week. We could choose the best day weather wise to leave on. My preferred vacationing would be to arrive the evening of the 29th and leave on the 2nd.


Boulder Compound (2003-12-01 22:32:10)