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Running Plan

Posted by Jäger on 2003-12-09 13:00:53


Last I checked, the latest version of the New Year's plan was for Yanthor to show up at my dwelling sometime around Sunday, 28 December when Anya heads back home, at which point we'll watch Alias reruns, help Willy film his movie, play Kohan, and otherwise entertain ourselves until Humblik shows up sometime during the week. His availability, and that of anyone else who happens to be endowed with a Real Job and tempted to join us (Zan Lynx comes to mind), will dictate the remaining plan.

Thoughts and other entertainment are always welcome.


Boulder Compound (2003-12-01 22:32:10)
The point is that one should never assume that sucky, disgusting software
is written by first year comp sci majors. There are enough professional
programmers out there to cause a far bigger disaster.
- Randseed (132501) on Slashdot, 08 June 2003