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driving back January 1

Posted by Yanthor on 2003-12-12 13:41:33


I'm fine with driving back on the 1st. Since the trip might not be workable for me if Humblik wasn't driving out, I'm happy to ride back whichever day.

So can we agree that this is a production-quality plan and that the only thing that could derail it is bad weather? Bad weather has me especially worried. If it strikes before Anya and I drive out, no problem. We'll just leave a little later. If it strikes while we're out there and before Humblik comes out, no problem. If it strikes after he drives out, no problem--at worst we would delay our return by a day or two.

What really worries me is having bad weather on the 29th and 30th. Because then he would probably not drive out, and I would be stuck in Colorado with too much computer equipment to fly and no car. I'd either have to UPS all my computer equipment home and buy a one-way airline ticket, or convince Anya to drive 7 hours out and 7 hours back--14 hours under the best conditions--to pick me up during a 2 day gap between 12 hour shifts at work. I wouldn't want to ask that of anyone.

Hopefully we won't have to make that decision.


Boulder Compound (2003-12-01 22:32:10)