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Started: 2003-11-24 23:04:44

Submitted: 2003-11-24 23:09:51

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Despite the fact that I can't actually find any solid indications that the Northwest Parkway opened today at 1600, as scheduled, I'm assuming it must have, which (I'm hoping) will be a great boon for tomorrow morning's drive to the Village of the Pointy Tents, where I'll brave the shortage of TSA scanners first-hand, who will inevetibally paw through my excessive amounts of consumer electronics without sufficient reverence.

I'm making a few last-minute tweaks to my iPod collection before going to bed, ready to trek to DIA tomorrow morning. Should be fun and exciting.

Modern mobile phones make my head hurt, and I speak as the owner of a
sheepskin that proclaims me to hold a degree in computer science.
- Charles Stross, What I want for Christmas