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Posted by Jäger on 2003-11-24 15:43:53


I figured probably not, but I was curious; if I get exceedingly bored, I'll hook up, but not otherwise.

Must pack when I get home. (And laundry. I've heard it's good to have clean clothes.)


Thanksgiving (2003-11-21 20:14:34)
  • Not worth it (Zan Lynx at 2003-11-22 01:09:33)
    • Value (Jäger at 2003-11-24 15:43:53)
The point is that one should never assume that sucky, disgusting software
is written by first year comp sci majors. There are enough professional
programmers out there to cause a far bigger disaster.
- Randseed (132501) on Slashdot, 08 June 2003