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Started: 2004-03-09 09:22:28

Submitted: 2004-03-09 09:30:42

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(This was linked from a recent Slashdot article, but I felt compelled to add my own comments in a venue where someone will actually read them.)

In a shocking development, Sony released a study saying that most of the online gaming using its PlayStation 2 took place between 1700 and 2300. (Never saw that one coming.) This just happens to cover television Prime Time, and television viewership by male 18-34 demographic is down between 8 and 12 percent this season. Anyone suspect there's a correlation?

I might watch a little more broadcast television if it were less than 95% crap. (Reality programming just isn't doing it for me.) It also doesn't help that shows I watch keep getting canceled (Firefly, Angel, Farscape). (At least Alias is still on.) I also like being able to schedule my viewing at my own leisure, and it never hurts to have commercials ripped out of the content I actually want to see. (I never watch commercials without muting them if I can help it. Maybe that's why the network executives don't care about my viewing habits.)