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First Viewings

Posted by Jäger on 2004-03-11 13:25:19


I got back from some errands last night and double-checked that Game Over was indeed on at 2000 as I suspected. Unfortunately, I was wrong; I briefly contemplated searching for a download, or waiting for the encore presentation Friday night, until I realized that Gem's VCR program to record Enterprise in its old timeslot was still active. I terminated the taping of The Mullets (twitch), rewound the tape, and watched the episode.

It was an amusing show. I spotted at least one sci-fi reference (the car Rip Smashenburn drives is numbered 451). I'm not jumping up and down for joy (especially if I have to endure promos for The Mullets), but it could be amusing.


Television (2004-03-09 09:30:42)