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College Place (part II)

Started: 2004-06-12 21:18:22

Submitted: 2004-06-12 21:43:54

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Upon landing in Portland, we retrieved our checked luggage (which didn't take very much trouble) and connected with Gem's mother and grandparents and headed off towards College Place. I quickly concluded that the back seat of Gem's mother's Camry wasn't really designed for three full-sized adults. As we drove east on I-84, I read Malware: Fighting Malicious Code, which I scored for free when my number was called first at BLUG Thursday night. It's a fascinating book, delving into the inner secrets of malicious code, although it's targeted at IT managers and their underlings and doesn't contain any public policy discussions.

We arrived at Tristan's apartment in College Place early in the afternoon, picked him up, and headed across Walla Walla to a handy Chinese restaurant. I did manage to eat granola on the plane (which I brought myself and supplemented with airplane milk) for breakfast, but I was especially hungry in time for lunch.

After wandering around Walla Walla for a bit after lunch, we ended up at the cottage, a little one-bedroom place Gem's parents enjoy renting at convenient times. I got bored and decided to wander onto campus. I managed to gain entry into Kretschmar Hall and wandered around, noting what has and hasn't changed since the last time I saw the building. The only change I spotted from the inside was that the old fishbowl had been converted into the career center, which should help future graduates actually get jobs when they graduate. I hoped I would see someone I knew, but no one was in the building.

Wandering off again in meatspace...