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Greater Boston, part 3

Started: 2005-10-09 21:34:57

Submitted: 2005-10-09 21:53:29

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This is starting to sound like a bad series. Like "Revenge of Boston" or something. (Last month's trip was "Return of Boston"; if things go poorly this time maybe the next version will be "Boston Strikes Back".) Tomorrow afternoon I fly out to Boston's Logan International Airport, for the third time in as many months. This time I think there might actually not have to be a sequel; we've switched vendors for the print electronics (which cost us entirely too much money), but it might actually work this time around. Which, of course, I'll believe when I see it.

The exciting part is that I get to fly out of DIA on the first snow day of the season; last time I checked the National Weather Service was forecasting three to seven inches tonight, and a few more tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to getting delayed; we'll see what happens. (This could be bad since I'm flying through Philadelphia (I'll leave it as an exercise to my readers to figure out which airline I'm flying on), which means I have a plane to catch halfway through my journey. Should be fun.

(I wonder how many complaints the National Weather Service gets from people who misunderstand its mission and think its purpose is to *change* the weather.)

In unrelated news, last week Kiesa and I finished watching the seventh and final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was at least as good as I hoped it could be. Now we're without a television addiction; we're watching Battlestar Galactica (which I'm still fairly certain is the best show on television) and NCIS as new episodes surface. I probably should add Veronica Mars to the list as well; Kiesa's a fan, but I haven't seen much of the prior season. We've watched the first episode or two of Bones, which isn't too bad. It's nice to see David Boreanaz again, but the writing is a bit strained, and the whole thing feels like an X-Files wanna-be with a bit of CSI thrown in for good measure. (X-Files lust is not entirely without precedence; the last two or three seasons of the show itself were X-Files wanna-bes.) Not to ignore too many new shows, we've added Threshold to the investigate list; Brent Spiner is great, and the series might not be bad. Oddly enough, the show picked on another X-Files lead. (Aliens with dimension-warping technology are cool.)

Any other recommendations for new (or old) television? I'm curious what my loyal readers are watching (or otherwise occupying themselves with).