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Started: 2005-10-15 23:29:55

Submitted: 2005-10-15 23:47:40

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As reported nearby, we now have a kitten living in our residence. While it's unclear whether we want to keep this cat, for the moment we've named her Willow. (Kiesa and I just watched the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the name seemed to fit.)

Willow Rosenberg, goddess

Willow is about nine weeks old; she and three siblings were apparently dumped at Kiesa's library's book drop Monday night. Five and Willow seem to be coexisting without any major incidents; Five will hiss and growl at Willow, who will usually cower.

Willow, cubicle cat

Sometimes Willow will get stuck between me and Five and will scamper off into the basement, which seems to provide plenty of places to hide.

Willow enjoys catnip

like a lot of geeks, I can run risky meatspace things
through my head until a faulty value comes out that
suggests there's no need to actually do them.
- Caleb John Clark, "Linux and the Lady", Salon.com 27 September 2000