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Buffy versus the world

Posted by Jäger on 2005-10-24 06:55:12


I think Buffy may have been the best series, ever. Which is a problem, because now I'm judging other shows I watch based on Buffy, and they generally fail horribly. Sixth season Buffy is my favorite, mostly for "Once More With Feeling", but also for when REDACTED saves the world from CENSORED.

I have to confess that Angel made more sense after I saw Buffy. Especially the several "two-hour Buffy/Angel crossover event!" that occured early after Angel started.


Willow (2005-10-15 23:47:40)
Then I'll get another piano, and we'll be even.
- Heidi Enderson, 08 September 2001, in response to Neelix's
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