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Fun with spam

Started: 2006-01-24 21:17:17

Submitted: 2006-01-24 21:38:52

Visibility: World-readable

Since moving festing.org to my sexy new virtual server a few weeks ago, I've been debugging a few e-mail issues when I discovered that my server was getting a rather large amount of e-mail being delivered to people who no longer have e-mail addresses at festing.org. Because I know everyone's curious, here's the score from 14 January through a few minutes ago:

bitscape 1600
nemo 90
linknoid 34
indolence 6
playground 6
r 6
buckskin 5
sickbedsplayground 5
accounting 4
accounts 4
admin 4
administrator 4
advertising 4
billing 4
contact 4
help 4
home 4
info 4
majordomo 4
sales 4
support 4
ffbnemo 3

(I can't guarantee that none of that mail was signal, but it seems rather unlikely.)

I'm not sure what Bitscape did to attract quite so much spam. Nor am I entirely sure I want to know. :) For the record, during the same period, I received 407 e-mails, 334 of which were caught by my spam filter.

(If anyone wants an e-mail address @festing.org, or is wondering what's been happening to their e-mail for the past several weeks (if you were still using the forward I think may have still been in place), let me know and all this spam can be yours! Forwarded to you at absolutely no cost.)

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