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State of the Union Bingo

Started: 2006-01-31 18:14:30

Submitted: 2006-01-31 18:14:57

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I heard about this while listening to my favorite radio show: State of the Union Bingo. Play with your friends!

(On a related note, now that I've found a live feed from the BBC, I'll be watching at 0200 GMT. If anyone wants to join me on irc.festing.org, #fest, we can amuse ourselves by complaining about the president and his silly schemes. Or whatever works for you.)

Well aren't *we* the superior ones? Reveling in our great awareness as we
march into the ocean, fully cognizant of the destination to which *our*
herd of lemmings plunges? ;)
- Bitscape, 23 May 2000