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CSS update

Started: 2006-02-16 20:24:05

Submitted: 2006-02-16 20:26:40

Visibility: World-readable

If my site looks horrid, and you're using a recent-generation browser, it's because I'm currently porting my formatting to CSS. (The theory here is to use XHTML/CSS, and pass the w3c's validator; we'll see how well it goes.) If you're using an old browser, it's your own fault for using a browser that's ancient. Sucks to be you.

Since you're curious, you may be amused to check out my static css test, which looks ok on Mozilla, Opera, Safari, and IE 6.

Everyone I'm sure, knows that when something goes wrong somewhere,
anywhere, anytime it is automatically SCOTT'S FAULT. Your dog ran away?
SCOTT'S FAULT. Your car won't start? SCOTT'S FAULT. Your power got
shut off because you forgot to mail the check? Yep, once again, SCOTT'S
FAULT. It is very similar to the "six degrees of separation" theory.
Somehow everything can be tied back to Scott.
- Renee Galvin, 25 October 2000