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Faster! Better! Stronger!

Posted by Jäger on 2006-02-17 16:18:31


It would make sense that it would be faster, since my sidebars are now fixed-width (20%) divs instead of variable-width tables. I would imagine this would speed up rendering, since the browser doesn't have to shuffle widths around until it gets something that works right. (The downside is that my photos page has the nasty habit of truncating images wider than the screen on lower-resolution screens. At least it did, until I fixed it right now.)


CSS update (2006-02-16 20:26:40)
I swear, it's not my fault if I loose things, even if I do have huge
- Neelix, 0223 CDT 30 April 2000, upon finding something he was looking
for on the bottom of a pile of Humblik's clothes