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London 2006

Started: 2006-03-23 21:38:52

Submitted: 2006-03-23 21:42:55

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Not long ago, Kiesa and I had a crazy idea: Go on holiday to London. This actually isn't quite as crazy of an idea as it seems, and it'd be great fun. (Even if we can't get my employer to pay for my trip to visit some important customer in the UK.)

Our current theory is that we should be able to get a pair of decently-priced plane tickets at the very beginning of September, which still resembles summer closely enough to be touristable.

So we know what to do when we get there, I took advantage of my Google Maps API key and set up London 2006. If you're not Kiesa or I, you can't actually change anything on the back end, but feel free to click at random.