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Also sprach Zarathustra

Started: 2007-03-11 19:01:45

Submitted: 2007-03-11 19:32:35

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It's all Jeremy's fault. Three weeks ago at Hacking Society he mentioned that he remembered Kiesa (whom he knows is a librarian) when he saw "She blinded me with library science". I forgot to commit the site's identity to long-term memory before I forgot it, so I didn't discover the web comic Questionable Content until the following week, when Jeremy mentioned it again (in the context of the "Evolution Kills" t-shirt). (I could have Googled the phrase "She blinded me with library science", but I didn't think of it at the time.) This got me addicted to the web comic; I spent a non-trivial portion of the past two weekends (when I wasn't hiking, snowshoeing, doing laundry, or (in the case of last weekend) vacuuming Yoda) reading the entire past three years of the comic. It has its moments; the first pane of this comic is easy to understand without having read the previous 700 strips.

...Actually, the worst part about growing up on a space station was the music.
The music?
The sight of the sun rising over the curve of the earth is majestic and all, but you get REALLY sick of having to listen to "Thus Spake Zarathustra" every time.

(In low-earth orbit, the sun rises every ninety minutes. I could handle listening to the same song every morning for a long time, but every hour and a half would get old fast.)

Last Saturday (3 March) I snowshoed around the north side of Brainard Lake most of the way to Mitchell Lake before I got tired and turned around. (This is visible in my lifetime kml file, which I continue to update, and now includes geotagged photos. Some of the tags are a bit rough, since I rely on my camera and GPS having the same timestamp to extrapolate the time.) On Thursday (8 March) I climbed Green Mountain from Flagstaff during lunch (for definitions of lunch that involve "around the middle of the day"), and yesterday (10 March) I climbed Green Mountain again, this time from NCAR. When I reached the top, it was snowing; by the time I made it halfway down the snow had turned to rain, which continued until I made it home.

My new mission is to take my GPS receiver with me everywhere I hike and use it to create maps of hiking trails in the greater Boulder area. Then, if I were especially ambitious, I could write an exhaustive (exhausting?) trail guide or something.