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Must be spring

Started: 2007-03-28 18:13:06

Submitted: 2007-03-28 18:31:20

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Signs spring has come to Colorado:

  • The calendar says so; last Wednesday (mountain time) was the equinox. (Cross-reference The Onion: Area Pagan Dreading Big Family Vernal Equinox Celebration.)
  • Daytime temperatures in the seventies.
  • Nighttime temperatures above freezing.
  • A strange lack of snow on the sheltered northern face of Mount Sanitas.
  • Rain, and thunder storms. On Saturday I hiked Green Mountain from the Gregory Canyon trailhead (which I was able to park in because the rain kept everyone else away), up the Amphitheater and Saddle Rock trails, and back down via the Ranger and Gregory Canyon trails. It was raining below 7500 feet and snowing at the summit. I hiked down the west ridge and Ranger trails in four inches of untouched snow.
  • Slushy snow at 10,000 feet. On Sunday I snowshoed half way up Twin Sisters until I lost the trail close to treeline. I broke trail most of the way and generally managed to find the trail while it was surrounded by trees. I managed to leave my earbuds at home so I couldn't listen to my iPod as I hiked, but I did use my shiny iPod car adaptor that presents my iPod as an external cd changer to my stereo on the drive.
  • Sneezing and itchy eyes. Even when I take my daily recommended dose of my favorite over-the-counter antihistamine lotradine. Hay fever is great.
  • My lawn is actually sort of green.
  • More crazy startup schemes from the one and only Scott Galvin. Too bad we couldn't figure out a way to monetize it while brainstorming at Peter's last night. (I'm not sure what scared Scott more, my use of the word "monetize" or the phrase "liquidity event".)

Edited to add:

  • Four inches of snow on my back porch Thursday morning, apparently when the "it could snow" mantra repeated by the weather forecasters actually paid off.