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Continuing Education

Started: 2007-10-14 18:54:45

Submitted: 2007-10-14 20:56:45

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I occasionally claim to have something resembling an "honorary MLS" from listening to Kiesa's MLS classes. (Among other things, I know a smattering of library jargon like "reference interview".) This weekend, I got bored, updated Kiesa's LibraryThing catalog to include Library of Congress numbers for our technical books, printed little labels, and applied them to the spines. I'm slightly disappointed that some of the books don't line up according to subjects the way I'd like, but generally I think it's great fun to have them all lined up in some sort of rational order. (Kiesa tells me I can assign alternate classification numbers to the books if I follow the Red Books, which give detailed classification numbers by subject.)


Playing with labeling our books meant I didn't make it to Western Disposal in Boulder early enough to take advantage of its free electronics disposal day. I loaded several old monitors and various other junk into Motoko and showed up an hour before the event was to close at 13:00 on Saturday, only to find a line snaking around the block (and since this was east of Boulder at Valmont Butte, this was a non-trivial block) and a sign on a truck proclaiming that the event was closed after that point in line. I returned home and resumed cataloging and labeling my books.

On Saturday night I watched Hot Fuzz, from the British filmmaking team that brought the world Shaun of the Dead. Hot Fuzz parodies the traditional buddy-cop/action movie in an English village where a high-performing London cop is sent to get him out of the way. I thought it was great fun. (Kiesa reported not liking it when she saw it, although it was the weekend I was in Seattle, so that may have had a negative impact on her enjoyment.)

I keep hearing that the new sitcom 30 Rock is sort of amusing, so I watched the first episode Saturday night... and then watched the next two. It's amusing, although assertions that it's the next Arrested Development may be a bit over-rated.

Today, Kiesa and I drove into Boulder to watch The Bourne Ultimatum, which was great fun. I'm now left to contemplate that we have one loose end not tied up after the completion of the Bourne trilogy, and that Moby redid "Extreme Ways" for this movie's closing credits.