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Half days

Started: 2007-10-25 20:29:50

Submitted: 2007-10-25 20:47:36

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One of the handy things about attending concerts at the Boulder Theater is that my office is immediately next door, so I can use it as a staging area before and after the show. After They Might Be Giants, I took advantage of the staging to pick up my backpack and both notebooks I use daily (one supplied by my employer and one supplied by the customer for whom I'm currently working on a project) so I could work from home the next day (which was Friday, 21 September). I spent the morning writing a design document for my next quasi-exciting project and took the afternoon off (cashing in on my remaining comp time from flying to Australia in August) to hike a ten-mile loop from the main trailhead at Hall Ranch. (I've done this loop twice before; on neither occasion did I manage to properly map the trail. The first time, I hadn't yet decided that dragging my GPS along to map the trail would be sufficiently entertaining. The second time, I intended to map the trail but didn't have properly-charged batteries. This time, I finally figured out the appropriate procedure for charging AA batteries for my GPS.) This time, it was hot; as I climbed counter-clockwise to saddle at the junction with the trail from the Antelope trailhead, I didn't see anyone except for a ranger in a pickup driving up the non-hiking access road.

Fall had come to the ranch; the grass was yellow and shiny, waving in the mid-afternoon breeze. I saw a massive green grasshopper hanging out on the trail, as I descended on the hiking-only trail on the west side of the ranch, and felt compelled to photographically document it. My GPS batteries survived the entire hike (although my iPod batteries did not), giving me a complete map of the Hall Ranch-Button Rock Complex in my lifetime kml file.

(My new thought is that I should replace my lifetime kml file with a much smaller file that simply contains a link to the online version, which will automatically update whenever I change anything.)