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Family Update

Started: 2008-07-17 18:38:00

Submitted: 2008-07-21 14:14:17

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Several exciting things have happened in my family which I might not have mentioned in print before:

  • Bethany graduated from MIT with an MBA in June. (I still need to document my trip, which involved not one but two delayed flights -- even after I talked Kiesa into paying extra for a direct flight. I'm afraid to speculate what a debacle trying to change planes would have been.) She got engaged a few days before graduation and will be getting married in December. She drafted me / I volunteered to put up her wedding website, which may actually have some content sometime next week. She starts work at an investment bank in New York City in August, finally joining the over-rated "real world" five (or six) years after me.
  • My father accepted the job of Dean of the Edward F. Cross School of Engineering at Walla Walla College University, starting at the beginning of September, just ahead of the beginning of the fall quarter at the end of September.
  • My startup ran out of money, and it's hard to pay the mortgage with stock, so I convinced Qualcomm (which has a sizeable Boulder engineering office) to hire me as a Senior Engineer. (In this context, "Senior" means "five years of experience", which I can claim as of last week. I'm taking three weeks off to backpack and climb mountains in Colorado before starting work on 4 August, which also happens to be my sixth anniversary. (Getting a job at Qualcomm is a great anniversary present for Kiesa, who has been lusting after their benefits since she saw Qualcomm on Fortune's list of the best companies to work at. To her credit, she never pressured me to take the job just to get the benefits, though I wouldn't have minded if she had mentioned it once or twice.)
  • My brother-in-law (and former roommate) Tristan was accepted into Loma Linda University's dental school, so he's in the process of moving to the Inland Empire, otherwise known as the Promised Land -- the land flowing with milk, honey, and smog. As a young, active dentist Tristan will fit in with my dentist, who goes trail running for fun (but decided that trail running in Wild Basin in Rocky Mountain National Park might not be the best idea given the number of tourists who aren't used to the idea that people might be running down the trail for fun rather than to escape something).