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Baby's first website

Started: 2008-11-09 09:37:31

Submitted: 2008-11-09 09:59:29

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On Thursday, I tagged along at Kiesa's twenty-week anatomy scan, the big halfway-through-pregnancy ultrasound that has all sorts of useful medical purposes (mostly making sure that all internal organs and extremities are in place) and also gives expectant parents the opportunity to find out the baby's sex. Not being interested in surprises, both of us wanted to know as soon as possible.

I met Kiesa at Longmont United Hospital for a just-after-lunch appointment. After a half-hour wait, the ultrasound tech appeared and led us back to a darkened room. Most of the scan was alternatingly fascinating and boring; it took a fair amount of imagination to figure out what was on the screen. It was a bit like viewing modern art; I felt the urge to turn the image upside-down to figure out whether it looked any better that way.

Halfway through the scan, the tech announced that she had discovered the baby's sex. The baby was lying transverse, which made it a bit difficult to find some internal organs. The tech pointed out our baby's boy parts, which still took a bit of imagination to see. The tech printed a profile of our baby's face; his head is in the center of the image, looking "up"; he's holding his hand above his eyes.

Calvin at 20 weeks

Now that we know that our baby will be a boy, we've given him the first name in our Official Boy's Name List, Calvin. Calvin now has a website and his very own domain name, calvinlogan.com. So far, I've been able to resist the urge to blog on Calvin's behalf.