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Started: 2004-07-24 07:40:17

Submitted: 2004-07-24 07:58:07

Visibility: World-readable

Willy's latest and greatest film, Fences, is now available for your downloading enjoyment.

fences.avi (350 megs)

(This encode is an avi with divx (mpeg-4) video and mp3 audio, so those who complained about my last video will likely have trouble again. Anyone who feels inclined to submit a bug report is encouraged to specify which software platform one is attempting to play the video using.)

There's no gossip jucier than what's on bitscape.org, so I don't really
have anything to say. In fact, I learned most of it there.
- Yanthor, Festing: The Gathering, 21 March 2003