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Started: 2004-07-24 09:52:00

Submitted: 2004-07-24 10:42:00

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At the moment I'm sitting in the balcony at Boulder Seventh-day Adventist Church looking over the PA board out of the corner of my eye while the Sabbath school class for the oldest individuals goes on below me. The lesson is about marriage and sex, which is a ... fascinating ... lesson for the demographic involved. (I had the foresight to bring gvim on my USB thumbdrive, so I'm typing on the video-running notebook with a vastly superior editor to, say, notepad.)

Last night I got a call asking if I was doing PA today. I didn't think I was on the schedule, but I hadn't checked it for a while. I learned that I was in fact on the schedule, which meant I needed to show up far earlier than I had planned. (I would have gone for something similar to my involvement last week -- showing up around 1145 or so. Gem is playing in church today, though, so I may in fact have shown up earlier.) I was glad to get the call, though; otherwise, Gem may have called me at 0830 or 0900 this morning asking, "Um, dear, did you know you were supposed to do PA today?"

I forgot to eat breakfast this morning (I was too involved checking the state of the online world, posting a link to Fences, checking the updated status of the world, reading political flamewars, and downloading new sci-fi episodes), so I brought a PowerBar along with me, which so far has satiated my hunger but I'm not sure how effective it'll really be in the long term. I have another in reserve, which I may go for in a bit.

(In another argument in our previous discussion about pointing devices, I'm going to point out that I keep bumping the touchpad with the edge of my hand while I'm typing. This means my pointer wanders around the screen and frequently does things I'm not expecting. If I used this computer more than one morning a month this would drive me nuts.)

I've been enjoying Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on my GameCube. I'm most of the way through the third dungeon, the Tower of the Gods; I just need to beat the boss. Before I go back to assault the boss, I'm amusing myself wandering around the ocean finding mini-dungeons, evil monsters, and other exciting things.

Gem and I are still trying to find a suitable coffee table for our living room. At the moment we have a coffee table we can both agree on -- that it's horrible. It's a row of boxes from my parents' basement that I need to triage and discard most of the contents (old electronics junk from long long ago) with a couple pieces of wood stacked on top. Gem can't stand it and has spent a good amount of time this week searching for a real table. I hate it less than her, and since we haven't yet found any tables that neither of us hate that go with our existing furniture we haven't acquired anything yet.

Somehow or another, Gem and I ended up with completely opposite tastes in furniture. I like light oak with distinct grain. Gem likes dark wood with non-distinct grain and spots. I like slats; Gem hates them. Shortly after we got married, somehow or another we managed to acquire a dresser both of us like. Gem likes our dining room table more than I do. Most of furniture is light oak; both of our bookshelves, our china cabinet, and tv stand are all light oak. Most of that furniture is (or could be in the future) in the living room, suggesting that any table should match it. It also seems that light oak is out of style this season (or year, or decade, or whatever), making it harder to find something that I like and that goes with our furniture. This week Gem found one table that I like, which is good, except for the fact that she can't stand it. I'm unwilling to acquire a table that Gem can't stand, so we're in trouble.

Church looks like it'll start before too long, so I'll wander off now and make sure the right microphones exist.