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Random feature idea

Posted by Bitscape on 2004-03-21 16:53:51


I think it would be fun to be able to post comments on individual photos. I shall proceed to do just that, except the comment will be in this thread.

I remember taking many walks (and occassional jogs when I aspired to be more in shape) around this area back in the Louisville Compound days. Since the bike trail went right by the house across the street from where we lived, it provided easy access to the open space that led up the hill, where the water plant was located, and a playground at the end of the trail where on the western edge of the mesa. An excellent area for recreation.

It looks like it was quite stormy on the day your photos were taken. In most of my memories of it, the skies were much clearer.


Photos (2004-03-21 10:20:14)