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Interesting timing

Posted by Linknoid on 2004-03-31 10:34:30


I just happened to watch "12 Angry Men" last night, a classic black and white movie about 12 jurors deciding the fate of an 18 year old accused of murder, 99% of it occuring with the jurors locked in the room. Excellent story about jury duty, although I can't say how true to life it is.


Summons (2004-03-31 08:29:44)
"Yes, this unit of Infantry has a Priest with them. He can pray to his
pagan gods and heal the Infantry. These units over here have
Magicians. They summon these big fireballs..."

And then you'll have to explain the Ceyah.
- Zan Lynx, on explaining Kohan: Ahriman's Gift, 19 August 2003