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Battlestar Gallactica

Posted by Bitscape on 2005-01-29 20:08:56


I have the miniseries in divx if you happen to want it. Then again, I'm sure you could torrent it just as easily as I did if you felt so inclined.

I recently finished watching the first 13 episodes. Now I can't wait to see what happens next, but I suspect it will be a while. If it continues to be as good as the first season, count me a fan too.

Also, regarding documentaries, if you want something "narrated", Fahrenheit 9/11 might be one to check out. Personally, I found Michael Moore's ongoing commentary (not to be confused with commentary tracks) alternated between amusing and annoying. I tend to agree with him more often than not, but being hit over the head with it can get rather grating after a while. But I suppose the cracks and one-liners make it more appealing to the giggles-and-popcorn crowd.


January (2005-01-29 19:28:54)