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Posted by b.logan on 2005-05-11 12:58:52


According to Colorado statutes 42-4-612 and 42-4-703, the answer appears to be (3), treat it as a four-way stop. You can browse here to your heart's content to verify.

This question reminds me of 5th grade, when we took programmed courses. I think it was called SRA. One of the classes dealt with driving (yeah, this really was 5th grade), and the question was:

You are driving at night with your high beams on. A car approaches you with its high beams on. You should:

  1. wait until the other driver switches to low beams before doing so.
  2. switch to low beams regardless of the other driver
  3. ...

Or should the question be, "You are playing a game of chicken..."?


Traffic Rules (2005-05-11 13:08:40)
Show me your code and conceal your data structures, and I shall
continue to be mystified. Show me your data structures, and I won't
usually need your code; it'll be obvious.
- Fred Brooks, _The Mythical Man-Month_ (paraphrased)