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Posted by swinte on 2006-02-18 18:22:44


Congrats! My mate loves her nano to death; I highly recommend the Contour Design "iSee Nano" case for it. It's a beautiful clear hard case that doesn't add much if any size/weight to the nano. Especially since she keeps hers in the purse, it helps keep the nano pristine in a hostile environment. Coincidentally, I also have a 3rd generation iPod... The "Ted coincidences" continue. In other news, Katamari Damacy (and We Love Katamari) are both excellent! I highly recommend them as well.


Nano (2006-02-18 15:47:43)
  • Yep (swinte at 2006-02-18 18:22:44)
I actually did marry you for more than just life time tech support!
- Gem Stone-Logan, via e-mail requesting tech support