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Image caching image smashing

Posted by bouncing on 2006-04-25 10:51:34


It's subtle, but every photo on this site, has secret codes embedded in it -- especially the unropped ones. The messages are encoded through slight changes in the image which can be detected by special software. Because cat5 has a great volume of data to transmit, the images are changed every few seconds -- hence the lack of caching.

have agent "gem" deploy perpetual urban rifle repository in denverer (purr-denverer); send the one called tl to poland; exsoviet tanks equipped with anti-aircraft guns scratching posts; reinstall pinochet, demand tuna tribute; project massive electricution of willow (operation meow) almost complete; bomb poland


Digital (2006-04-22 18:28:23)
When aiming for the lowest common denominator,
be prepared for the occasional division by