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Airport times

Posted by bouncing on 2006-08-12 23:29:11


Wow, so were the restaurants/bars on the concourse even selling beverages for on-premises consumption? (How times have changed -- I remember, in my childhood, a Swiss Army knife retailer on the concourse.)

The week before last I spent in Chicago, flying into and out of Midway. Trying to find the CTA bus/train area from Midway was rough that day, as the area was under construction and nothing was clearly labelled. I finally found a sign that read "CTA" and had an arrow through a construction door. I pushed the construction door open and an alarm went off. For about 45 seconds, I waited for the cops to show up so I could explain myself, then I got tired of waiting and took a taxi.

If you want vehicular transportation back from DIA, I could probably come pick you up in my big (not really) car.

(PS, when you hit "preview", there's no anchor to your previewed comment, so you have to scroll all the way down.)


Queue (2006-08-12 12:28:19)
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