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Started: 2004-01-27 22:30:27

Submitted: 2004-01-27 22:50:33

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For a while, it seemed that my thoughts of getting a GameCube were cursed. Sunday evening, I was thwarted by our fast-falling snow. Monday afternoon Gem volunteered to drive to Toys'R'Us in Westminster to use the gift card we got from our wedding to acquire a Cube. Apparently they didn't have any in stock and no real idea when more might appear in stock. Monday evening Gem and I went over to my parents' house, raided their cubicle furniture, and stayed too late to want to wander to Best Buy. I finally made it to Best Buy during lunch, where I picked a Jet Black GameCube off the shelf from the vast stockpile hidden away in the corner of the console games section.

After work, I brought my new GameCube home, unpacked it, threw away the AOL cd, and plugged it in. I didn't actually have any games to play, so I amused myself setting the clock (in twenty-four hour mode, I observed) and looking at the file manager. After installing the new cubicle section (connecting Gem's and my desks), Gem and I wandered to Blockbuster to peruse the selection of GameCube titles available. Gem wondered if she might be amused by The Sims, so we rented it, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars for me. Now Gem's amusing herself trying to figure out where the flies are coming from in the little house her Sim and her mother live in. Bitscape dropped by with Captain Olimar (contained within the GameCube title Pikmin), which I offered to purchase from him. Since it was the game that convinced me to get a console in the first place, it seemed only appropriate.

Bitscape and I are now watching Gem play The Sims, and he observed, "I think this is the only video game I've seen where the character's lives are as boring as mine." Gem seems to be enjoying herself, though; I may have found a winner.