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Weekend Report

Started: 2004-02-15 13:05:26

Submitted: 2004-02-15 13:25:45

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Yesterday was the grand opening ceremony of Vista Ridge Academy, the relocated version of Boulder Junior Academy where a handful of loyal content farmers and vultures went for their early education. Despite what you might see on the website, the school is actually up and running; they convinced the city of Erie to give them an occupancy permit two weeks ago, spent the next week moving in, and the following week unpacking. The grand opening ceremony was packed; Gem and I showed up a little late (since we knew there was going to be a whole lot of stuff on the agenda) and stood at the back of the gym for a while until we gave up and wandered around the school itself ignoring the program. We saw one recent baby (the offspring of Derek Hildalgo, who some might remember from BJA), confused it with another, and learned of yet another on the way. At least Gem and I are not the only one barraged with questions about when we might procreate ourselves; one recently-married couple confessed their annoyance at the constant queries. (This is 2004. The Pill has been around for a long time now, and has spawned a vast quantity of other drugs, including The Patch, The Implant, and The Injections. All hail birth control, especially since we're not Catholic.)

After potluck, Gem and I headed down the street to check out the houses at Vista Ridge the subdivision. We wandered through five of the model homes corresponding to one builder and were generally disturbed by the huge master bedrooms and the tiny other bedrooms. (We believe our children should not be cheated in that manner.) Most of the master suites lacked a door between the bedroom and the bathroom, which seemed like a dubious idea to me, since one or the other of us might get up significantly earlier than the other. Gem liked the color of the interior decorating; the dark colors worked well for her.

(For the record, we're not planning on buying a house soon, but it is on the horizon for one or two years in the future, depending how things go between now and then. We just felt compelled to see what was out there to put it in the back of our minds for future reference.)

When I wasn't playing Metroid Prime yesterday afternoon, evening, and night, Gem and I journeyed to our local cinema multiplex to view Along Came Polly, which I thought was immensely amusing (although I could have done without the third-grade toilet humor), and Gem marginally tolerated, promising to drag me along to see 50 First Dates, which I'm especially dubious about given the star. We'll have to see.

For our valentine's day celebration, Gem and I are going to spend entirely too much money going to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, which I've heard is good but haven't quite made it to just yet.